RCO Mechatronics BV
Creative mechatronics, innovative solutions

Welcome at RCO Mechatronics BV

  From the south of the Netherlands, in the heart of Europe, supporting our (inter-national) clients with creative and innovative solutions.

Our vision

Our clients concentrate on core tasks and production processes.


Our mission

Supporting clients with sustainable and creative solutions to keep production processes in top condition

Our objectives

  • Sustainable entrepreneurship based on solid operational management.
  • Maximum support and long term relationship
  • Short communication lines
  • Creative solutions


1-10-2019 : Launching our new SRP Cobot palletiser with a Hanwha HCR 12 collaborative robot. 


 1-5-2019 : RCO Mechatronics is official integrator of Hanwha HCR collaborative robot. 

The HCR collaborative robot is a six-axis articulated robot with excellent space utilization. It consists of three models that can be used to collaborate with workers. We propose HCR-3, 5 and 12 which can be applied immediately without changing existing work space with minimum installation space.


Our new digital hand-out flyer is out! You can download it right here.