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Robot end-effector/grippers

Without a good performing end-effector / gripper, even the best robot is pretty much useless.

RCO Mechatronics BV has over 20 years experience in developing robot end-effectors. From gripping- to vacuum tech, anything is possible.

Already got a robot, but not satisfied with the performance of your current end-effector? We can perform a gripper scan, and optimize the functions to make your system more reliable.

A few examples of the custom made grippers we've developed:

Robot vacuum end-effector developed for the handling of poly-carbonate plates. This end-effector can expand- and retract in the X- and Y direction, for handling a great variety of sizes. The tool wil be mounted under a big KUKA KR600 robot. In the picture, it was mounted under our testing robot.

Robot end-effector for the handling of rubber blocks. The rubber blocks wil be palletized in crates.

This end-effector is fitted with a collision detection unit.